Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Freeze Frame

Do you ever find yourself hustling and bustling through life, hurrying to get one thing done so that you can rush on and do the next thing on the list?  This happens to me more often than I'd like.  Between helping Joey on the farm, teaching school, and a million and one other things that folks do, sometimes life seems to be running in fast forward.  

Sometimes, when this happens, I have to hit the pause button! I have to stop and "freeze frame" my life.  When I freeze frame, I pause (just for a minute!), and think to myself, "What is special about this season in my life?  What is happening right now that probably will not happen in any other season?  What will I want to remember about this time when I am very old and look back over my life?".

These questions never fail to stop me in my tracks. They bring my focus away from racing as fast as I can to finish a task, to slowing down and appreciating the finer details of the season that I'm in.  

I've freeze framed some pretty special times in my life.  When my daughter was tiny, I tried to freeze frame the way her little warm body felt as she snuggled up against me during nighttime feedings.  When we have to harvest vegetables for market in the pouring rain, I try and freeze frame how young and strong Joey looks with his hair soaking wet and water running down his face.  I always wonder what he'll look like when we're old and gray.  As I play music on the courthouse square, I freeze frame the sweet sounds of the guitar and fiddle as the music blends together and floats away in the cool night air.  When a big crowd gathers round to listen, I try and freeze frame the smile on my Dad's face and the way his eyes light up at the loud shouts and applause when we play, "Orange Blossom Special".

Just like the natural seasons, our personal seasons in life are all different and full of changes.  Some seasons are slow and easy, some are painful and bittersweet, and other seasons seem to fly by in a blur.  Don't let your seasons slip away without stopping to notice how beautiful and special each one is.  Once a season is gone, you can't get it back.  It's okay to hit the pause button once in awhile.  In fact, you should!  Freeze frame a moment or two this week, and enjoy every day to it's last drop!
   Relax for a moment and think about the good things in life!
This is Elizabeth relaxing in the front yard last spring!