Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rich as Rockefeller

The plain truth is that I am rich.  When I say rich, I mean rich; not just comfortable or well-off.  Just how much money is in my bank account?  Hmm....let's see....if I had to calculate, I'd say that there's at least twenty dollars in there at almost all times.

I can hear you now!  You're saying, "What?!  Twenty dollars does not qualify you as being rich, well-off, or even very comfortable!".  Well, if you're talking about money, that may be true.  But, as we all know, there's more to being rich than having lots of money!

Our life on the farm is incredibly rich in so many different ways.

One of our greatest treasure troves is the love of our family.  In this day and age, a million different things such as drugs, sour relationships, and long distances threaten to tear families apart.  I am so thankful that our immediate family members live close and love one another.  My daughter Elizabeth's life is so rich because of the time she spends each day with loving grandparents and great grandparents.  Joey and I are also richer because of their daily love, support, and wisdom.  Speaking of Joey, he makes my life richer every day.  The commitment we made to each other in marriage is a treasure worth more than diamonds or gold.

Another area that we are rich in is good health.  This is something that is often taken for granted.  What a blessing it is to be able to have a healthy mind and body!  If you have ever been really sick, or cared for someone who was really sick, you know how true this is.

Good food goes right along with good health.  There is certainly plenty of good food on the farm!  Whether it's freshly picked from the garden or preserved in a mason jar on the pantry shelf, having plenty of delicious and wholesome food to eat is better than a million dollars!  It's absolutely glorious to be able to get a fresh egg from the hen house or to pick and eat a juicy blueberry that is still warm from the sunshine!

When night falls on the farm, we display our riches when our secret cache of diamonds come out!  Secret cache of diamonds?!  That's right.  We have thousands of them.  They're called stars.  The sky above the farm sparkles with beautiful glittering stars.  A dazzling jeweler's necklace couldn't outshine them!  If you haven't stepped outside to look at them for awhile, please do.  They are still there, just as beautiful and marvelous as ever.  As the stars begin to come out, our own personal symphony orchestra begins to play.  The little frogs, bugs, and a soft breeze make a music that is second to none.

There are such great riches to be found in the smallest and most simple things.  It is such a blessing to be rich with all of the treasures that make life truly great. Here are a few examples that I wouldn't trade for a boatload of money:

  • Hearing Elizabeth's laughter as she plays in her grandfather's barn.
  • Snuggling deep into a warm bed as a cold winter wind howls outside.
  • Watching the vibrant, green, plants inside the greenhouse sprout and grow while outside snow covers the ground.
  • Laying on the couch on Sunday afternoon and falling asleep to the ticking of the wind-up clock.
  • Listening to Grandma, Grandpa, and the Aunts and Uncles tell stories about each other!
  • Looking out the kitchen window and seeing Joey plowing the garden with the tractor and Elizabeth playing in the yard.  
  • Sitting in church on Sunday and singing the beautiful old hymns of praise.
  • Having a campfire cookout in the backyard.
  • Dancing with Elizabeth to our favorite records.  
  • Eating a frosty bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream on the front porch on the Fourth of July.  
The list could go on and on!  As I said earlier, there's much more to being rich than having lots of money.  For me, the best kind of riches, are the ones that can be found right here on the farm.

*What about you?  Are you rich?  If so, what do you consider your greatest treasure?  

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